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The Complete Training Solution For Payments Businesses

We provide compliance and job skills training for paytech and fintech businesses to minimise risks and maximise professional value

    Industry specialist training courses
    High quality interactive online learning
    Proven cost-effective and efficient

Interactive Online Training On Payments Compliance & Job Skills

Train staff to the highest standard, meet your compliance requirements and track course completions on an ongoing basis.


Our Courses

Interactive eLearning courses covering regulatory compliance, the payments ecosystem, workplace essentials and more.


How It Works

An online learning portal to deploy training content and assessments across your business.


Our Partnership

Our courses are created and delivered in partnership with The Payments Association.


More Services

The Conexus Group offers a suite of services for payments businesses including recruitment, consulting and M&A advisory.

We help payments businesses minimise compliance risks and maximise professional value

Our interactive compliance training provides an all-in-one solution for payments businesses to train staff effectively and efficiently on both compliance and job skills.

Payments Specialist

High quality training content, covering a full range of compliance, industry and professional topics.

Live & Updated

Course content regularly updated in line with the latest regulatory guidelines and best practices, as well as industry and technological developments across multiple jurisdictions.

Fully Trackable

Comprehensive management tools and clear reporting on training completions, providing a third-party audit trail that’s recognised and accepted by auditors around the world.


Interactive Online Courses For Payments Employees

Our eLearning courses are built to the highest standard. Featuring interactivity and regular assessments, courses are engaging and memorable for learners of all levels.

“iFinance Academy’s training is helping to build employee confidence, strengthen industry knowledge, and assist our business to comply with our regulatory obligations.


Highly Regulated. Fast-Evolving.
Technologically Complex.

Payments is a challenging environment in which to operate as an employer.

All staff must be made aware of their core regulatory responsibilities - across all relevant jurisdictions - and understand their role in maintaining compliance. Failure to do so could be business-critical.  Inspiring the next generation of payments leaders is also vital. Attracting, training and investing in talent should be a top priority for all payments employers. The payments ecosystem may be technically and commercially complex, but those who master it become highly valuable assets.

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An Integrated Suite Of Services For Payments & Fintech Businesses

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