An Insider's Guide To Payments And Payment Systems

This comprehensive 90-minute e-learning course provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the whole payments’ ecosystem

The course will guide you through the history and future of payments, who the key players are and what products are available, along with applicable insights. Ideal for those working within the industry or looking to expand their knowledge and understanding across the sector.

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An Insider's Guide To Payments and Payment Systems course has been developed in collaboration with industry experts and covers the history of payments, the key players in payments, the main payment products available, digital banking, compliance and regulation in the industry. It also delves into the future of payments including the emergence of crypto currencies, stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)s.
Whatever your level, this course provides an extensive overview of the mechanics driving this important and dynamic industry.

This course Covers:

    How our current banking system is set up
    Payment technologies both from an issuing and acquiring perspective
    Commercial Payments Structure
    Digital Banking Solutions Worldwide
    Digital banking and money remittance services
    The future of payments and crypto currencies

FORMAT: Self-paced eLearning, online accessDURATION: 90 minutes approximatelySUITABILITY: Learners of all levels
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