3 Reasons for Keeping Your Compliance Training Up-To-Date

3 Reasons for Keeping Your Compliance Training Up-To-Date

Keeping training up to date within an organisation should never be underestimated. In a fast-paced industry like Fintech, having training reviewed and updated regularly is becoming increasingly important to ensure compliance with the ever-changing markets. Training should be assessed frequently so that it aligns with any policies and procedures within the business, and reflects the operations as a whole.

Here are three reasons why you should keep your training updated:

Protects Business Reputation

Having a good reputation will allow your business to flourish and protecting this should be one of your company’s biggest priorities. If training is not kept up to date, this could result in the organisation not being compliant with new or current legislation, and if auditors become aware of this, it can taint your business reputation.

Quality of Training

Regularly updating training allows for the content to be improved and the designs of the courses to be refreshed should they need it. By continuously updating the content, the module can be analysed by comparing and evaluating the improvements made from the previous version, which in turn can provide valuable information for the next time updates are taking place further enhancing the quality of the training. Overall, the changes improve the training being provided to employees as it gives them a new prospective in the topic.

Compliance Culture

Continuously updating your compliance training provides a clear message to your employees that compliance is imperative to the business and is an essential part of it succeeding and growing. Developing a compliance culture is not easy but having a solid training program in place, that includes regular updates, will help to encourage and promote the importance of compliance within your business.

That’s why here at iFinance Academy we conduct quarterly reviews of our content to ensure our trainings are up-to-date and in line with the most recent legislation and information within the industry.

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