Why Customisation Matters: The Top 4 Benefits Of Bespoke Training

Why Customisation Matters: The Top 4 Benefits Of Bespoke Training

Often, we’re asked: ‘should we customise our eLearning?’ , but the real question you should be asking is, ‘Why aren’t we customising our eLearning?!” 

Although iFinance Academy’s Off-The-Shelf courses provide a complete eLearning solution, what better way is there of ensuring that your training material caters for your company’s specific needs than customising your training content? 

Customised eLearning content gives the impression that it takes up more Company resources –  time and money – though there are many benefits gained from customising your courses. 

At times it is custom developed content that helps you explore new ideas on how to keep within your business goals and tailor learning specifically for the needs of your employees, offering a more tailored training based on the specific situations of your business. 

This allows you to train your staff through highly interactive modules with your employees’ needs in mind; your company can use this as a platform to address specific pain points and real-world company-approved solutions. A customised course will help you address performance gaps and address specific roles / skills that are most relevant to your business at its current state, helping you to retain employees.  

Here are 4 benefits of customising your eLearning:  

1. Personalisation specific to your business 

This allows you to tailor your eLearning with your team’s needs in mind by giving engaging real-world scenarios to address specific problems that your business might face. Some problems are company-specific and it’s important that your training is tailored accordingly. You can even tailor your scenario solutions to align to your company’s policies and procedures.    

2. Brand Alignment 

Customisation of eLearning enables you to include your own branding, design, and tone of voice to make the training experience uniquely yours. It will help you strengthen your identity, integrate your business values within your learning, making it more effective for staff, and in turn more relatable as they recognise and identify with what they see.  

3. Competitive Edge 

Having customised eLearning content can be your Company’s unique selling point with new customers & employees, proving that you put in the effort to engage your staff by offering tailored learning experiences covering situations that they face on a daily basis. It will engage staff taking the course and help them retain the information. 

4. Continued Engagement  

Customising your eLearning can be an exercise in offering ongoing support to your employees to ensure that they are aligned to your Companies’ values and that their knowledge is refreshed to create synergy, consistency, and up-to-standard performance at your company.  

Customising your eLearning courses gives you the opportunity to align your training with your Company values and identity. As you take control over the content you are presenting to staff, you can optimise your course in a way to help captivate their attention and retain the information. iFinance Academy gives you the means of offering your employees an immersive and effective learning experience motivating them to improve their performance and deliver according to your excellence standards.  

Reach out to discuss your Company’s options today. Contact us, so that we can discuss the best option for your training needs.