iFinance-MPE Industry Training Insight Report

iFinance Academy partnered with Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) to create a content development survey. Your opinion matters, so we made this survey with the ambition to better align our eLearning opportunities with client expectations.
Over 81% of you voted to receive the results of the survey, so please read on as we dissect the data.


Fintechs and start-ups dominated respondent demographics at 26.9%, with payment institutions and PSPs rounding out the top 3 at 22.4 - 19.4% respectively.
Over 76% of respondents held an influential role in eLearning spending, with 47.8% directly recommending providers, 20.9% budget holders or key decision makers, and 16.4% decision influencers.

What courses did you vote for the most?

We asked you to vote for courses on a 1-10 scale, 1 being zero interest, 5 being somewhat and 10 being extremely interested. Below we have ranked the most popular courses in descending order.

  • 1

    Merchant Acquiring

  • 2

    e-Commerce & SCA

  • 3

    e-Money & Digital Banking

None of our course ideas suffer from a lack of interest, so the categories have been divided into positive and mixed results to better reflect needs that perhaps vary one company or sector to another.

Extremely interested

Out of all the courses displayed you voted Merchant Acquiring as your most needed course with 28.4% of respondents voting it as the course they wanted the most. e-Commerce and SCA ranked second, with a clear trend of increasing interest capping at 20.9% extreme interest. e-Money and Digital Banking came third, achieving 23.9 - 19.4% across 8 and 10 respectively.
Coming just outside the top three, Agency Banking, Virtual IBANS and Real Time Payments racked up 19.4% on both 9+10, a very positive result. The Fundamentals of Risk Management also received a great deal of interest with 17.9% voting it as content they would be extremely interested in.
The Fundamentals of Financial Crime gained a similar 14.7-9% interest rating across 9 & 10 showing that training in the basics and fundamentals is a pressing requirement.
Scheme Issuing also garnered significant interest with 22.4% of respondents ranking the course as an 8 out of 10 on the interest scale. How Do You Plan for Business Continuity also received positive interest at 17.9% and a number 8 interest rating.

Mixed interest

The Realities of Climate Change Risk saw interest spread over across almost the whole scale, peaking at 19.4% for those somewhat interested in the course, 16.4% having zero interest and 13.4% extremely interested.
Gift Cards and Incentives also received mixed results, capping with 14.9% voting it as number 7, but with respondents also rating it 2,3 and 5 in equal divisions of 13.4%.
The Code of Conduct Framework was rated 5 by 23.9%, combined with a zero interest rating of 14.9%. The Fundamentals of Treating Customers Fairly performed similarly with 17.9% giving it a 5, and 14.9% a 1. Credit and Types of Credit and Licensing scored mixed to low scoring 5 from only 14.9%, 5, whilst 13.4% gave it a 1.

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